The 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences

February 22-24, 2018 at Centara Watergate Bangkok

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Keynote Speaker

Topic: Academic Strategists and Change Agents: The Role and Function of Today's Instructors in Guiding Tomorrow's Educational Pathways

Introduction of Prof. Bob  Barrett

Dr. Bob Barrett received his Ed.D. in the field of Human Resource Development from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He has done additional studies at Gallaudet University (for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) and USDA _ Graduate School in Washington, DC, USA and University of Maryland _ College Park. He has been teaching online for the past sixteen years (and taught publicly in several face-to-face academic institutions before transitioning over completely to online teaching).  He is a Full Professor in the School of Business at the American Public University, as well as teaching military students in the American Military University.  In addition, he has been an adjunct instructor with other online MBA programs, as well as served both as a course developer and online teacher/trainer.  His research interests include online learning, disability, teacher training, knowledge management, HRD Forensics, educational technology, and intellectual capital.  His specialization has been concentrated on human and intellectual capital, as well as knowledge management in the context of human resource management and human resource development.  While he has been focused on the education of both military and civilian students, he particularly enjoys the teaching of organizational consulting, human resource management, human resource development, and strategic management.  Dr. Barrett has worked in the both the private and public sectors, but he has been teaching online for the past sixteen years, in addition to teaching in the Face-to-Face (F2F) sector for several years prior to online teaching.  He has spoken extensively at various international conferences in Europe, South America, and Asia.
He has served on multiple international conferences in the areas of intellectual capital, knowledge management, human resource management, education and psychology, online learning, business entrepreneurship, educational technology, and management.   He has published several book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed journals in the international context.  He is a progressive and forward-thinking professor who strongly believes in lifelong learning, serves as a disability advocate for disability rights in the workplace and education, as well as a strong supporter for a new educational movement for online learning progression.  He believes that education is right that all people should have access at all times to continue their lifelong learning quest.
Topic: The Socio-economic Impact of Generational Teaching

Professor Gary E. Swanson
International Director of Media, Film & Journalism - The International Academic Forum, Japan
Former Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence & Mildred S. Hansen Endowed Chair in Journalism
University of Northern Colorado, USA

Introduction of Prof. Mayura Soonwera
Professor Swanson is currently the International Director of Programme for Media, Film & Journalism at IAFOR in Nagoya, Japan. He is also President and CEO of Dimage Studios – a video and photography production company & art gallery in Pennsylvania, USA.  Prior to his work in academe, Swanson compiled a distinguished professional broadcast career spanning 13 years at NBC News - producing award-winning documentaries, prime-time news magazine stories, and covering “breaking news” in 26 states and Canada for the network - including trips and campaigns of presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.
Swanson has earned more than 80 awards for broadcast excellence and photojournalism including three national EMMY’s, the duPont Columbia Award, two CINE “Golden Eagles,” 16 TELLY’s, the Monte Carlo International Award, the Hamburg International Media Festival’s Globe Award, the 2011 Communitas Outstanding Professor and Educator award, the 2012 Professor of the Year Award, and many others.

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