The 2nd International Conference on Edcation and Social Sciences

May 22-24, 2014 at The Presidential Hotel, Beijing,China


File  201405 Beijing-Final Conference Program


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Cathine Gilchrist Scott

Vice President for Research, Education, Training and Development,

G and H Educational and Research Foundation, Inc.


Topic: Transforming Teacher Preparation Programs in the 21st. Century

America’s public schools appear to need better prepared elementary and middle level mathematics teachers if the nation’s students will continue to compete in a global society (Schmidt, W., 2013).  Future teachers should have a broad-base knowledge in the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching mathematics and teaching in general (Schmit, W., 2013).  Some elementary and middle level teacher preparation programs require only six hours of mathematics, and these hours are not enough content for future teachers to have an in-depth and broad knowledge base of mathematics (Gilchrist-Scott, C., 2013).

This presentation provides a guide to change the way future teachers are prepared to function in a global society.  It will (1) create a vision for change in preparing future teachers; (2) focus on changes that are needed to prepare teachers to function in the classroom; (2) provide a rationale why schools of education should undergo a complete paradigm shift in preparing teachers; (3) explain how the blueprint should change teacher preparation in the 21st. century; (4) explore innovative and creative ways to improve the preparation of future teachers to impact teacher quality and student achievement; (5) analyze the research presented on teacher preparation, the methodology used to collect data, the results found, and the recommendations for transforming teacher preparation programs; (6) evaluate the blueprint to change teacher preparation programs; and (7) discuss to what extent the blueprint will impact teacher quality and student learning.

In conclusion, the blueprint provides a guide for educators to change the way future teachers are prepared and change the public’s concept of teachers and teacher preparation programs.

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