The 6th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences
February 18-20, 2016 at HYATT / GUAM

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Kirk Johnson
Professor of Sociology
University of Guam
The Challenges of Migration and Integration
An Opportunity for Reflection on Prosperity and Global Well-Being
The world as it exists in the 21st century is plagued by various forms of injustice that stem from a singular cause: the failure of the world to recognize the oneness and unity of the human race. The concept of migration is shaped by different historical forces, and can be viewed through two very different lenses – integrative and disintegrative. Displacement, for instance, would seem to be an outcrop of the latter, where entire populations are forced to seek new homes as a result of crumbling societal structures and institutions that fail to protect the most vulnerable. These disadvantaged peoples are often denied basic human rights – access to education, health care, safety and security, and wellbeing. These corrupt systems exploit the masses for the benefit of the few, and neglect entirely the nurturing of moral capabilities – creating, in effect, the perfect breeding ground for violence and conflict. And it is within this context of widespread disintegration, that people often find themselves fleeing their home counties. On the other hand, a brighter future, the hope of a better life, and a more stable foundation may likewise call migrants to a new homeland. In fact, there are many social, environmental, political and economic factors that fuel migration. What cannot be denied is that migration would never be possible on the scale that it is now if many of the age-old prejudices separating groups of people from one another had not already tumbled, and if the technology that eases the process were not in place. These can be considered part of the integrative forces that propel migration today. This keynote talk will explore these and other ideas through a sociological and global perspective.

Local Host
Dr. Kirk Johnson
Professor of Sociology
University of Guam
HAFA ADAI (Hello) and welcome to all the participants of the ICEASS to be held on the beautiful tropical island of Guam in the Western Pacific from February 18th through 20th, 2020. The hosting community welcomes all participants to our island, which is known for its beautiful culture, environment and people, and is the hub for international travel, communication, education and tourism in this region of the Pacific.
Guam is known for our warm and hospital people and culture and only on Guam can one find five-star hotels and beaches, crystal clear oceans and blue skies and world-famous sunsets. These are just a few reasons why millions of tourists have made Guam their top travel choice. Whether you’re looking to experience a thrilling adventure on land or at sea, unravel 4000 years of intriguing history and culture, shop for the latest fashion treads, taste our famous BBQ or chicken kelaguen and red rice offered on the beach or in world-class restaurants, or just wind down beneath some shady coconut tree on the white sand beaches, Guam is waiting for you. Participants are encouraged to plan to spend a few extra days outside of the Conference program dates to make the most of their visit to Guam. Visiting the island’s many historical and cultural sites as well as the world famous beaches and shopping centers will be a wonderful opportunity that no one wants to miss.
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