2023 ICEASS @ Taipei,Taiwan
Conference Theme: Immigration Integration & Challenges

This year, 7th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences will take place in Taipei, TAIWAN, from Jun 28th to the 30th, 2023.
Recently,due to many factors such as war, social security and national policy,the themes of migration and integration have been especially topical in Europe and in other parts of the world due to massive and ever-growing movement of population. These spreading in-flows of immigrants have a strong impact on the social, economic and political climate of host countries; therefore, there’s a need to review their immigration and integration policies to adjust to the processes of globalization.
Integration is becoming more and more important at the time when international migration is steadily growing and diversifying. Integration has, therefore, become a central aspect that must be analyzed, supported and facilitated in contemporary societies because only successful integration builds communities that are stronger economically and more inclusive socially and culturally.
This year, ICEASS, focusing on the issues of Immigration Integration & Challenges opens up a special session as below “Immigration Integration & Challenges”. We encourage submissions from themes listed below, but aren’t limited to:
Conference Theme Immigration Integration & Challenges
Economics, Work and Migration
Education and Skilled Migration
European Migration Space
Gender, Sexuality, Migration
Identities, Ethnicities, Minorities, Religions
Migration in South and South East Asia
Migration Theory and Migration Methods
Politics and Law
Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Remittances and Development
Submissions in the fields of Social Sciences related to the themes down below are also welcomed:
Communication Management
Language and Communication
Information Communication
Communication Arts
Education Communications and Technology

History and Geography
Human Geography
Literature and Poetry
Music and Art
Regional Studies
Religious studies
Museums & heritage

The overall economy and economic growth
Econometric models and test methods
The formation of human resources and market mechanisms
Economic theory and mathematical economy
The public economy and economy of public health
The environment, resources, and agricultural economy
Economic Analysis of Family interactions

Psychology and Counseling
Adult and Continuing Education
Educational Theory
Education Policy
Civic Education and Leadership
Special Education
Rehabilitation Counseling
Early Childhood Education
E-Learning Technology
Higher Education
Lifelong Learning

Finance Engineering
Stock Market
Finance Management
Risk Management

Civil Law
Criminal Law
Public Law
Economic and Financial Law
Labor and Social Law
International Human Right Law
Legal History
Conflict of Laws
Copy Right Law
Climate Change Law

Business & Management
Business Administration
International Enterprise
Human resources
Logistics and Supply Chain
Organizational Behavior
Information Management
Electronic Commerce
Industry Innovation
Corporate Governance
Management Innovation
Hospitality and Tourism Management

Political Science
Public Administration and Policy
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Governmental Systems & Practices
Politics and Ethics
International Relations
Political Economy
Regional Studies
Reforming and Consolidated
History of Western Political Thought
Western Constitutional Thought

General Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Cultural Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
School Psychology
Physiological Psychology
Health Psychology
Environmental Psychology
Personality and Social Psychology
Mental Diseases and Psychotherapy
Consulting Psychology

Social Research or Social Science
Social Policy and Social Legislation
Caring or Research for the Elderly
Social Psychology
Family Research
Child Research
Online Society/Online Community
Ethic in Society/Online Society
Globalization Impacts
Social Works in Modern Society
Technology/Criminology in Society

For any questions and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the ICEASS Secretariat by email: iceass@iceass.org

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